Handmade Italian shoes! 🖱

Since 1987 we have been producing high-quality handmade Italian shoes with the best materials to offer a 100% made in Italy product.
From the beginning, we have been focusing on quality stores, and not on big retailers. Therefore, we have created women’s, men’s and children’s shoes that combine our experience with attention to customers’ requests and needs.


  • Discover our collections
    We make shoes for children, women and men. We don’t have a minimum order quantity. We also always have shoes available in stock for immediate delivery.
  • Personal and customizable style: Private Label
    We always follow the projects of our customers. We satisfy their needs, personalizing the products with their requests.
    We are able to produce the shoes you need. We look forward to working with you!


What do we mean by quality?

Just an example: for all of our children’s shoes we use an anatomical insole made of aloe essence. It has an anti-inflammatory, antimycotic and bactericidal function and it also help to neutralize unpleasant smells! Furthermore, it is perfect for those feet that sweat too much!

We also use light materials for a product to be used all day.

Does anybody suggest you to wear orthopedic insoles?

No problem! We have solutions to orthopedic problems thanks to the removable insoles.

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