Thanks to the experience gained in the area around Fermo, considered almost unanimously the cradle of footwear, we have been satisfying our customers producing high-quality handmade shoes.

We always select best materials from local companies, taking care of details that only a family company like ours can deal with.
We create everyday a 100% made in Italy product that for its origin and high quality is better put into a specialized shop than into some large distribution stores.

Do you have a shop or do you want to sell our products?

You can view our products at the “collections” link.

We can also develop some ad-hoc collections: e.g., we have made some work uniforms and school uniforms.
So, besides our collections, we are always ready to value and define projects submitted by our customers.

Are you a private customer?

We offer many solutions to a private customer that want to buy our products: you can directly touch the quality of our shoes at our shop or if you are interested in buying online, let’s check the “Online Shop” section where you can find our collection and also, just to make the offer complete, some selected products made by local companies, always respecting our quality standard.

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Our history…

Since 1987 the CALZATURIFICIO PRIMITEMPI has satisfied its customers by producing quality handmade shoes, with the best materials, and the attention to details that only a family company can offer, creating a 100% made in Italy product.

From the beginning, we have been focusing on quality stores, and not on big retailers. Therefore, we have created women’s and children’s shoes that combine our experience with attention to customers’ requests and needs.

In 2006 we started up a shop, next to the factory, and that allows us to be always connected with the final customer and to be ready to renew ourself, paying attention to the market requests.

In 2018 we decided to start up the online shop, aiming at those customers that could not come directly to the shop (check “Online Shop” on this website). We guarantee the best assistance service during the ordering stage and a delivery in 24/48 hours. For all selling information please check the “Customer service” section.
The “online shop” is active only for Italy.